Where do I begin? Lets pretend we met in a coffee shop down the road. Whats the first thing you would ask me? My name of course. Hey! I’m Beth. Welcome to my blog.

To want to spend time reading someone’s blog you’re going to need to have the same interests, passions, ideas, so let me tell you a little about myself.

I’m a second year University student living in Scotland. My degree comes under the title ‘English Literature, Film & Visual Culture’. A mouth full, right? Basically I study books and films (to put it simply). Besides this, I spend most of my free time browsing for my next potential holiday destination, scrolling through Instagram for fashion inspiration, and snuggling my 8 month old puppy, Max.

So why did I decide to start my blog? I find writing to be the easiest form of communication so it seemed like a no-brainer to me. Fashion is one of my biggest passions and there seemed like no better community to express my creative impulses with. Expect many outfit (particularly SHOE) posts, homeware hauls (yes, I see you Homesense), and travel/lifestyle updates. I have many excursions planned for the year and cannot wait to document them along the way.

It seems pretty late in the game to attempt to be yet ANOTHER fashion/lifestyle/beauty blogger when there are already so many successful men and women out there – InTheFrow, Lydia Elise Millen, Fashion Mumlr, and Amber Fillerup-Clark being some of my absolute favourite influencers out there! For me it isn’t about the money, the fame, or the success – don’t get me wrong, it all seems great (to an extent) – but instead its about expressing my passions, documenting my life, and finding my niche.

My degree is is pretty broad – hence the ‘finding my niche’ remark. To put it bluntly, I have absolutely no idea what my future looks like, but hey – who does? This blog is something to keep me motivated along the way and hopefully someone else will enjoy the journey with me! Oh, and what better time to start than the New Year? This blog has become my biggest resolution, whats yours?

Pictures above are from my latest trip to Ibiza! Check out the vlog.


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